Sang Ly Character Analysis

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Everybody starts from somewhere. Google was started in a garage. FedEx was saved by gambling in Vegas, and Sang Ly started as a poor mother in a dump. In the novel, “The Rent Collector” by Cameron Wright, Sang Ly is a Cambodian woman below the poverty line living with her family in the dump. While in the dump Sang Ly is curious because of her interest in wanting to read, she is loving because no matter how sick her son, Nisay, gets, she is always there for him, finally Sang Ly is worrisome because the dump is a dangerous place and she just wants her family to be safe. Sang Ly thinks of herself as just a poor mother in a waste dump while everyone else in the dump sees her as an affectionate mother who loves her family. At the end of the day, Sang Ly must live day by day just trying to learn to read, trying to cure her son's chronic illness and making sure everyone makes it so sun down.

Sang Ly has many wonderful traits about her. Sang Ly is caring because she tries so hard for her son, Nisay to be well and she does not stop no matter how many times a medicine fails. For example, Sang Ly discusses how she can't pay all of that month's rent to Sopeap because they had to buy Nisay American medicine. “We had to buy him medicine this week, American Medicine, to see if it would
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This relationship clearly shows that Sang Ly may be poor but she is much more of a loving mother than a poor housewife. In “The Rent Collector”, Sang Ly comes back from the healer and everything is stolen but since everyone knows how much of a caring person she is they all chip in to help her out. “Mother, Nisay, Tera Mao, and I are organizing out home, and, before my eyes, friendship is soothing the sting of injury.” It is evident that everyone loves Sang Ly since they are helping her out in a time of need. “And do not worry about the things you lost. We are making
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