Sanger Rainsford In The Most Dangerous Game By Richard Connell

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Have you ever read the story The Most Dangerous Game? If you haven’t, then you are in for a real treat. In “The Most Dangerous Game” by Richard Connell, Sanger Rainsford is shown as intelligent, respectful, and paranoid. Rainsford is shown to be intelligent in the story when he designes a trap for Zaroff. In the story he says “not many men know how to make a Malay man-catcher” (Connell 77). This quote shows that Rainsford is smart because during this part, he is being very smart when he creates traps for Zaroff and tries to hide his tracks.During the story, Rainsford is also Respectful. He shows that he is respectful when this happens he is nice to Zaroff for letting him into his home. Rainsford showed his respect by saying“thank you, General”
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