Sanger Rainsford's Alertness In 'The Most Dangerous Game'

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Adrenaline rushing, heart pounding, and stressed. Nothing is working there is no way out, or is there? Aron Ralston, Hyeonseo Lee, and Sanger Rainsford. All of these characters demonstrate what it takes to be a true survivor. They all manage to survive what some would call the unimaginable, from escaping North Korea to being hunted like an animal by a maniac. No matter the situation it takes experience, loyalty, and being aware to be a survivor. To begin with Aron Ralston was hiking and got his arm smashed under a rock, Aron used experience to help him survive this tragic event. On page 3 of "trapped" by Aron Ralston, Ralston recalls his experience as a search and rescue worker and makes a pulley. Ralston uses his experience to create a pulley…show more content…
An example of this would be lines 582-584 "Rainsford took his knife from its sheath and began to work with all of his energy". This shows he is alert by how he realizes that Zaroff will come back so he sets up a trap that he remembered to try and kill him. Also it shows that he is alert by how he sets up the trap so quickly and effectively before Zaroff got back straight from his memory. And finally it shows that he is able to remember things and apply them to his situation. Another example would be when “He thought of a native trick he had learned in Uganda” (661). This shows he is alert by how he realizes the hounds, Zaroff, and Ivan were all coming so he quickly set up a trap to try and kill them to escape. Also it shows that he can remember a trick he learned before and again apply it to his situation. And finally it shows that he is extremely alert by how he sets the trap up so quickly so he does not get captured by Zaroff. In conclusion all these examples show Rainsford is a survivor by how he shows alertness in dangerous situations and how he gets out of that
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