Sangwoo Short Story

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Yoo Bum’s POV:

I went downstairs from the trap door to see where did that sound come from. Since it was too dark, I couldn’t see anything.But then I heard something like it’s trying to speak. I looked down and saw a woman.

“What the fucking hell?!”

Her hands and legs were tied so tightly, that her skin started to bruise. Her mouth and her eyes were also covered with a cloth.

“H-hey, are you okay?” Of course, she couldn’t speak, her mouth’s also tied. Why is this woman in Sangwoo’s basement? And tied up too….

My body starts to tremble again. I don’t understand what’s going on. I tried to take off the cloth from her mouth cause she was drooling so much-


“H-ey calm down-”

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The Sangwoo I know? Is a much more considerate person? I elbowed him and ran upstairs, but failed. It turns out, the Sangwoo I knew wasn’t there.

I’m going to die here.

My body starts to tremble again, but right now it was so much worse than before.


“I fell in love!”

“Sungsoo University class of 2012, I was in the same class as you! I also saw you in the army! You saved me from my superiors from then on I….” Tears began to dwell in my eyes.

“I never intended to annoy you like this! But I liked you too much!” He stared at me for a while, and then he crouched. I stared at him, waiting for him to do something bad.

But instead, he said, “hey, spit it out. You and your mumbling.”

He reached out his hand which made me scared, I started to flinch, but he rubbed his hand on my head gently. I was surprised so I look at him, he was grinning.

He stood up, “The basement’s too small for the both of you.” I was shaking for a minute.

“How about we go up?” I smiled at him so I followed him behind.

“Are you really forgiving me?” I mumbled, he turned around.

“Yes-but” he suddenly pushed me which made me fall back in the basement. My vision starts to blur until everything turned to pitch
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Ang Sangwoo is doing that with me? My mouth is full of porridge and he still kissed me.

I’m so disgusting and he’s still-


Kind. I love how kind he is.

“Sangwoo,” I tried to move my left leg since it was okay. Sangwoo stood up and started walking away, then he suddenly stopped in his gaze and turned around.

“What? Your left leg is fine?” He walked closer to me again, checking if my left leg is really fine.

“If you’re fine, you should say so. Or I won’t know, will I? Dating’s like that too. And if you don’t tell anyone about it, you’ll be the only one that ends up hurt, you know?” Suddenly, he stepped my left leg, which causes it to clench.

“Sangwoo! Don’t!” He only made it worse, he added more weight from his leg which hurt. He grabbed something from the corner, which was a hammer.

“No- Sangwoo, don’t! Please!” It’s too late, he hammered my left leg which made out a cracking sound.

I guess this is where I die. How despicable. Normally, people would die in the streets, or in public places, even in schools. But for me, I will die differently. I will die in this dark basement. I will die next to a dead woman. I will die next to the person I have loved the most, and now he is going to kill
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