F & B Industry Analysis

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Hygiene is always at the top of the agenda wherever food is involved and the Food & Beverage industry represents one of the most challenging industrial environments. With sanitation and product cleanliness on top priority, production facilities need to be produced according to the principles of Hygienic Design.
Minimizing downtime, ensuring quality and providing maximum safety to all employees is important in all industrial sectors, but particularly important in food production. In the F&B industry, a downtime in processing will lead not only to loss in profits but also high costs from waste disposal and recommencing production. Quality is another critical factor in this industry- if the quality is inadequate, consumers are not only dissatisfied,
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To meet the food and beverage challenges, factories must use products that perform well in these complex environments. And cables, connectors and cable glands play an important role in the process of maintaining hygiene in the F&B industry. The product requirements are:
• Chemical Resistant. Machine parts are likely to be corroded resulting from humid conditions often found in high pressure, chemical and steam cleaning areas. As most of the zones are cleaned frequently and thoroughly using strong cleaning agents such as corrosive agents, alkalis and dry ice, the materials used need to be suitable.
• Temperature Resistant. The F&B components include high temperature zones in baking areas, pasteurization and sterilization and low temperature zones in refrigerated areas. These extreme temperatures can be especially hard on cables, glands and components and special temperature resistant materials need to be used to provide adequate
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Flexibility is a major requirement as it is required for packing, vacuuming, weighing and dosing machines.
• Durability. Special cable jacket materials need to be used to provide protection for machines susceptible to being cut or sliced when installed in machines. The product needs to stay securely in place against applications where the machine is in constantly moving and face issues with vibration.
Lapp Group has a complete service portfolio for the F&B industry. Lapp's product range for the sector includes highly resistant cables, hoses, cable glands and connectors, as well as accessories such as cable ties. The components meet strict international requirements, such as EHEDG design specifications or compatibility with ECOLAB® cleaning agents.
• ETHERLINE® ROBUST: The full package for the food industry
New ETHERLINE® ROBUST offers resistance to weather, ozone and UV radiation. It is also free of halogen, and allows for regular cleaning with hot steam and acidic or alkaline cleaning agents. These properties make it particularly well suited for the food industry, as well as for medical engineering, laundries or car washes. The double screening ensures high transfer reliability in applications sensitive to electromagnetic interference. Cables in the ETHERLINE® ROBUST FR configuration are available for increased flame
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