Sanskrit Literature's Influence On World Literature During The 8th Century

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What effect did Sanskrit Literature have on world literature during the 8th century? Have you ever wondered if one single dialect could have a global impact through literature? In this case, the Indians nailed it. Sanskrit Literature left a permanent mark on the world’s literary authors and continued on. A great many odysseys and epics have been made from the Indians’ creative and legendary works. Having been around since the 2nd millennium B.C.E, new pieces of literature were produced and flourished for decades. It excelled, first being recorded on a palm leaf, all the way to being written in the legendary Vetas. Sanskrit Literature affected world literature by blossoming new ideas and text straight from the Vedas and provided a long lasting mark on literature. Sanskrit Literature first started in India and primarily was under a Hindu influence since it was the country’s main religion at the time. At the time that literature was being produced in one of the many dialects of India which was Sanskrit, the period was known as the Vedic Age. This is when literature works produced in Sanskrit was starting to gain its popularity. There were variations and phases of the work which happened over the course of only about 10 years. However, in the 11th century, Islamic occupation of the country put its growth to a halt. Still, its legacy carried through the occupation. One of the first and most likely the most influential phase of the literature was titled the “Classical Sanskrit

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