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Today I came to Santa Barbra to spend time with someone close to me cause it 's his birthday. While on the beach walking and writing I realized that growing up, I dreamt of moving to California and having a career in the music industry. Growing up we may not have had he money to go on luxurious family vacations but we spent time together and went camping a lot. We appreciated our time as a family and our time with nature. Since I 've moved I 've been so focused on trying to find my place in the industry that I forgot about how fruitful my journey to this exact moment has been. I 've met so many talented and amazing people. I loved and had my heart broken. I 've even lost people close to me. But all of that has shaped me to be he person I am today. Someone who can love so hard that it hurts. Someone who try 's to find the good in everyone and someone who just has…show more content…
In a world filled with so much anxiety and distrust either socially or politically it 's so important to take a step back and appreciate where we are and how we got to the places we are now. We are all here for one purpose and that 's to make meaningful connections s with others and help each other along the way. I may not know where I 'll be within the next five years or if I 'll have made it in the industry. But right now I do know that younger me would have just been thankful to experience the waves crashing against

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