Argumentative Essay On Christmas

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Mrs. Claus Delivers Gifts when Santa is Injured
Nothing can beat the excitement and bulging expectations that come with the festive seasons. These are the periods when people seem to throw caution to the wind, let loose, and have a marvelous time. Perhaps Christmas would top the lot, if the excitement and buzz created by the kids is anything to go by. Adults would often seem to exhibit limited interest in the celebrations, but would be smiling deep inside and praying that, for once, Christmas is extended by one more day. It is the time when fighting couples forget their disputes and enjoy a nice barbecue in their garden. Kids, on their part, would even volunteer to come clean about some of the ‘dark’ secrets they have kept from their parents for as long as their little memories would go. Of course they would only do so because they knew that no one got scolded or grounded on Christmas day. Yes, it is Christmas, the time of the year when everyone is happy and cares less about the saddening parts of their lives.
However, Christmas would not be complete without one integral individual. He is one of
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His scatter blades were faulty, leading to a terrible fall that would keep him in hospital for a number of days. Since the accident came just a few days to Christmas Eve, it meant that he would not recover in time to deliver the gifts. To say Santa was gutted would be an understatement. He just could not stomach the idea of letting down all those kids around the country. The thought of their day being ruined because of his absence made him feel even worse, and he contemplated delivering the goods on a wheelchair. However, Mrs. Claus could not let it happen. Her sole focus was her husband’s well-being, and she knew pretty well that if he attempted delivering the gifts on a wheel chair, he would suffer an aggravation of the injuries due to the strain. She ordered him to stay in hospital and focus on getting
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