Santa Fe Trail History

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Thoughout its existence, the Santa Fe Trail provided more then just trade from Missioury to the far southern reaches of the western lands of the United States. From 1821-1846, the Santa Fe Trail was an internatial road for many diverse people looking for something new. This trail leads through Kansas into Colorado, to La Junta Colorado. Where the Spanish and Native American cultures thived. this reflected a diverse community of traders, trappers, farmers, ranchers and gatherers that all collaberated to the biulding of small settlements: Las Animas, La Junta, Rocky Ford, Manzanolla. These communities provided sourceful support to the Arkansas River Valley, Bent Fort and Trading Post. Mother of the railroad In 1863, with all the political…show more content…
Examples include dairy farming, raising beef cattle, and raising sheep for wool. In contrast, arable farming concentrates on crops rather than livestock. Finally, Mixed farming incorporates livestock and crops on a single farm. Some mixed farmers grow crops purely as fodder for their livestock; some crop farmers grow fodder and sell it to pastoral farmers. Pastoral farmers are also known as graziers and in some cases pastoralists. Pastoral farming is a non-nomadic form of pastoralism in which the livestock farmer has some form of ownership of the land used, giving the farmer more economic incentive to improve the land. Unlike other pastoral systems, pastoral farmers are sedentary and do not change locations in search for fresh resources. Rather, pastoral farmers adjust their pastures to fit the needs of their animals. Improvements include drainage (in wet regions), stock tanks (in dry regions), irrigation and sowing clover. Pastoral farming is common in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Great Britain, Ireland, New Zealand, and the Western United States and Canada, among other…show more content…
Brad, Elvis, Cliff and Willie (his biological child and the youngest). Bill was a “nonsense” kind of man: He raised his children that way too. He worked as “his” father did and was influenced by the countless farmers and ranchers of Otero County. Over the years, Bill installed in his boys that a handshake, hard work and honesty was as good as a written contract. And the word of mouth of one’s reputation was the best reference a man could have. To his credit “Bill” was a member of the 1ELKS CLUB #701(Benevolent Protective Order of Elks) and an EXALTED RULER of that establishment for a time. Bill was also the President of the local 2BROTHERHOOD of RAILROAD SIGNALMAN of southern Colorado for many years. While holding both of these civic standing Bill still had time for his family and his children’s development into manhood. These are symbolism’s of Bill’s hidden Bohemian background. His use of logic and reasoning, and incredible sternness in raising his boys are but a style that his fathers father passed on to him and it was passed on to Bill and to me,
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