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Welcome to what once was Newark New Jersey! Today the city of Santabellum is celebrating it’s 424th birthday, and finally it’s renaming ceremony. Newark was established on the 31st of October, 1693. It is in the Northern part of New Jersey. Just North of the city of Elizabeth. In the year 2017 Newark had 281 ,764 people. Currently Newark’s population is 756,314. About 310,088 of those people are over 40. The city of Newark was majorly struggling with getting senior citizens from place to place. As well as pollution and lack of healthcare for all classes. This brought on a major drop in population as well as local economy.The leaders of soon to be Santabellum made the decision to renovate the entire city of Newark! Now we have the beautiful city you see before you. Newark is now called santabellum for a reason. We have taken what was once a broken unsafe place for senior citizens and children and made it a city of the future.The average temperature of Santabellum is around 12 degrees celsius. The average high being 17; the low being 8 degrees celsius. One of the worst features, and the…show more content…
In Newark 41%the population was over 40. In current day Santabellum that number has increased to about 55%. As we created a happier and easier to navigate city our population’s age has increased. To fix the mistakes Newark faced Santabellum has created an innovative way to navigate. They are called granny trams. These granny trams are built to be a safe and easy way for the elderly to navigate. Taking the scary out of the efficient sky trams. Without taking them out of their comfort zones. On the opposite side of the spectrum we have a system for those more mobile. Sky buses, buses that ride in the sky. These skyrail busses quickly transport those who need to get places. They focus on efficiency while still keeping the tourists happy. Getting our citizens from place to place quickly and safely was a main

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