Narrative Essay About Santa's First Gift

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To all our children and grandchildren,
Your Christmas smiles, giggles and awe Are emblazoned
In our hearts

Santa’s First Gift
Edmund and Beth Ann Shanks
Edited By
Robert Schmitt
“Muse of Fire”

On the Eve of Last Christmas, in soft-falling snow,
Santa’s reindeer stood ready and eager to go.

His thoughts at that moment, traveled eons through time,
To that very first Christmas, a night so sublime.

Oh, how Santa pondered, “Ah, to be there THAT night,
To bring Christ his FIRST present and see His delight!”

Now, Santa knew better than to question God’s plan,
“But I now have my work! A whole globe I must span!”

So cheerful and sprightly, full of vigor and sage,
One thousand and one years! (give or take an
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Claus in traditional dress with apron from the chest up turning and looking out of window, stove with steaming cookies on baking tray sitting on top of stove visible in back of her.
Larger window shows three elves from chest up looking out of window with workbench visible in back of them with tools and a few unfinished toys, such as train, doll, plane.

Each bright sound that it made, held ‘Our Christmas” within,
Santa saw his best memories while stroking his chin.

Close up of Santa on left from shoulders up, stroking his beard and looking up towards right.
On right, a bubble image of Santa and Mrs. Claus, both in their traditional outfits, sitting in rocking chairs by traditional, Christmas decorated fireplace drinking steaming mugs of hot chocolate and listening to an old fashioned, horned record player sitting on a side table with musical notes coming out of horn, happy smiles on their faces.

He jumped on the sleigh and took the reins with all smiles,
Those grand thoughts kept him warm throughout all the long miles.

Outside wintry scene with outside of barn in background.
Sleigh and eight harnessed reindeer with Moonglow with bell on his antler alone at lead is focal point of
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