Rituals In Santeria

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Bateson applied in Santeria

Search for balance and harmony of an individual during his life in interrelation with the representation of his being, a previous life, with the Oshas, Orishas, Eggún, etc. and the environment.
People consecrated under the rituals of Santeria. They are priests and priests who descend spiritually from the Yorubas.
For santeros is important to venerate and exalt Olodumare and their Orisha.
Santeria is based on different rituals, such as the reception of the orishas.
It is based on the belief of God through the elements of Nature, a distinctly African philosophy.
Europe (England, France, Germany, Holland, Spain), North America (Cuba, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Mexico, Panama, United States), South America
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• Babalawo: is the Yoruba title that denotes the Priests of Orunmila.
• Eggún: spirits of life and death.
• José Gregorio Hernandez: He was a renowned Venezuelan doctor, faithful to religious services.
• Los brujos de Chávez: book written by David Placer in 2015.
• Maria Lionza: is a mythical female deity native to Venezuelan folklore.
• New world: it is one of the historical names with which the American continent has been denominated since the end of the 15th century as a result of the discovery of America in 1492 by the Spanish.
• Olodumare: Name of God in the Yoruba religion.
• Orishas (32): it is a daughter deity and a direct manifestation of Olodumare.
• Orunmila: is one of the main deities of the pantheon of the Yoruba religion.
• Oshas: divinities that are put on the head during the initiation ceremony.
• Santeria: It is a set of religious systems that fuse Catholic beliefs with traditional Yoruba culture.
• Santeros: priest of Santeria.
• Simón Bolívar: was the liberator of Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Peru and Venezuela. He was a great thinker, statesman, military and marked the history of America in the nineteenth
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