Santeria In Venezuela

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Bateson applied in Santeria

Search for balance and harmony of an individual during his life in interrelation with the representation of his being, a previous life, with the Oshas, Orishas, Eggún, etc. and the environment.
People consecrated under the rituals of Santeria. They are priests and priests who descend spiritually from the Yorubas.
For santeros is important to venerate and exalt Olodumare and their Orisha.
Santeria is based on different rituals, such as the reception of the orishas.
It is based on the belief of God through the elements of Nature, a distinctly African philosophy.
Europe (England, France, Germany, Holland, Spain), North America (Cuba, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Mexico, Panama, United States), South America (Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela). Impact of Santeria in Venezuela
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When the National Constitution dictates that Venezuela is a pluricultural country and that citizens have different religions, Santeria begins to have more visibility and believers go out into the streets with their symbols, their clothes and their amulets. In the country, there is a social reality where ideological multiplicity, religious plurality, and cultural diversity are observed.
Santeria in Venezuela is seen as a lucrative movement, discrediting its true essence. Those belonging to this religion assure that the Olodumare does not allow them to do evil, they also assure that this religion allows them to accept and respect other religions and to be more tolerant people
The growing popularity of Santeria is evidenced by the proliferation of stores selling small animals that are ritually sacrificed. The rites of initiation and divination are kept in the homes of the believers, and rituals take place
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