Similarities Between The Old Man And The Sea And Night

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The novels The Old Man and the Sea and Night both display extreme challenges faced by the main characters. From Old Man and the Sea, Santiago faces challenges with his sanity and reputation while trying to renew his fortune fishing and Elie faces a life and death scenario during his life as a prisoner of the Nazis in the novel Night. Throughout both novels, the main characters appear to have lost everything, yet they manage to piece their lives back together and restore their daily lives. These characters lives are destroyed, but they are not defeated. Santiago and Elie both lose critical aspects of themselves, signifying their destruction, renew their lives, expressing that they are not defeated, and both characters represent a real life defeat, but not…show more content…
Santiago and Elie both face devastating events in the two similar novels. In Old Man and the Sea, Santiago struggles to change his luck when he has gone 84 days without catching a fish, leading him to take a risk and go further out from shore than the other fishermen. He hooks a fish and begins a multi-day struggle to bring the fish into the boat. Throughout these few days, Santiago loses his strength fighting the fish and physically injures his hands and back, while also losing the fish. On top of these two destructive injuries, Santiago loses his sanity and begins to talk to himself, as if another person were in the boat with him. In this novel, the character 's destruction is in the mental and physical aspects of Santiago, which is similar to Elie in Night. In comparison to The Old Man and the Sea, Night is about the main character, Elie, and his struggle to survive while imprisoned by the Nazis. In the
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