Santiago In The Sea Summary

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The story represents heroism by the old fisherman Santiago. “A man can be destroyed but cannot be defeated” Santiago said. This hero is not a typical hero, he is an ordinary and insignificant person. He is not famous or rich in material from outside sources, but he is rich in determination and dedication. Faith and trust is never lost in himself or nature, although he does not get anything in return, however he keeps going on. Even though he has a lot of hardships, faced, and the low income. Respecting the nature and creatures, loving the sea and feels like it is his home is the key to succeed. The story shows how he struggled in nature and the wide sea alone with the creatures and dangers of the sea. Santiago is optimistic even if he did…show more content…
Santiago neglected the paid he suffered, while struggling with the marlin. He has strong determination and never asks for help, when Manolin left alone, he never thought about it. In the beginning of the story, he was dreaming about lions, he loved these animals, these are symbols of courage and braveness for him. Then he hand wrestled the strongest man and defeated him. His fought for three days with marlin and the sharks with little food and water, this demonstrates a good survivor and his willpower. His accomplishments proves that he comfortable in the darkness of the ocean, as it is his home which he never feared, and adores the nature day and night. He is an unusual hero because although his material life is poor and he does not have any source of income, but his pride, confidence, independence and resilience is very high. His friendship with Manolin is strong, despite he is an old man and Manolin is a young boy, he gives the boy his experiences in life and fishing. He does not accept help because he believes it is the start of begging. When Manolin told him he was the best fisherman in the village, Santiago did not accept modestly. When he lost his luck in fishing, the other fishermen made fun of him, which he did not care about. “My big fish must be somewhere.” He is a fisherman who adores nature, sea, creatures which lives in it and his
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