Santiago Monologue Essay

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By,Juanita Arellano

One afternoon Santiago was walking to school. He was a bully to everyone who walked in front of him. But there was something strange he was only a bully to girls. Every girl cried almost everyday at school because Santiago would call them names or hit them. The girls would never wanted to tell on Santiago because they knew that he was a good guy in the inside. But Santiago wouldn 't change. Him and his group of friends were the rudest kids around. Nobody really liked because of the way they were. He thought he was the coolest and the strongest. One Friday after school the girls were getting ready for volleyball practice. They were all warming up in the gym. Santiago was still in school. With all his friends. They thought
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The doctor said that when Elizabeth arrived in the ambulance her coach was with her and told the doctor somebody hit her in the head really hard. Elizabeth 's mom wondered and wondered day and night. She sometimes thought that somebody could have hit her in the head with a volleyball as an accident. But the next day all of her friends went to visit her. Elizabeth 's mom was with them, she asked them if they knew why this happened to her daughter. One of Elizabeth 's friend Alicia explained everything to her. Alicia told her that while they were getting ready to practice some guys from her school hit her really hard in the head with a ball. Elizabeth 's mom had a face of shock! She couldn 't believe it. Once all her friends left that day Elizabeth 's mom talked about it with her husband. Her dad. Her parents had a talk with Santiago 's parents. Santiago got expelled from th school he was going to. Time passes. 7 months pass Elizabeth finally woke up one wednesday afternoon. Her parents yelled for the doctors to come. She started moving her hands a little bit. She opened her eyes. Doctors came in and checked her to see if everything with her was okay and it was. They couldn 't even believe that after so many time she woke up.

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