Santiago The Alchemist Character Development

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Young boy who is determined to see the world. He’s content with shepherding, until he has this reoccurring dream. Through many encounters his view on life changes, he becomes more interested in the spiritual meaning of life. While he travels through the desert he becomes closer to the desert, listening to what it has to say, and finally listening to what his heart has to say. In relation to Santiago’s development, this scene tells readers he was trying to find his own identity. He didn’t want his parents to make the choice of how he should live his life. He wanted to do what he thought was better for him, which was shepherding instead of being a priest. This scene is important because this is when Santiago learns how important it is to believe in his dreams. By him understanding his Personal Legend he now understands why it is he keeps having this dream. Although he was hesitant about taking on the task of finding his treasure, he decides to pursue his dream, because he felt that it was his Personal Legend.…show more content…
Although the treasure was in the very spot Santiago had the dream and not near the pyramids, through Santiago 's journey through the desert, being rob, being threaten, and meeting the women of his dreams, Santiago learns that everything in life is not easily attainable. And if you want something so much, don’t give up, because of the difficulties you face. Because in the end those same difficulties can positively shape who you are. I believe that Santiago development closely relates to Vygotsky’s theory, which states that social and cultural interaction guide cognitive development. Santiago is shaped by his interaction with the Gypsy women, the King, the Englishman, and the Alchemist. All these individuals teach Santiago valuable life
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