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1. The change in location for Sanvi Patel may create some health concerns. Sanvi is a vegetarian who does consume eggs. The benefits of L.A. are the large communities of Indian populations and stores to access ingredients from India. In addition, California, offers a large assortment of fruits and vegetables that she may increase in her diet. Positives of living in L.A. is overall health and desire to increase physical activity are common in California. The greater risks are decrease in fiber and a increase in carbohydrates including wheat (breads), fruit juices , and soft drinks, increase in fast food including pizza and hamburgers. This can cause her BMI to go up, increasing rates of insulin resistance and higher risk for Type 2 Diabetes and cardiovascular disease. In addition, her metabolic rate may increase with high carbohydrates and lack of protein, especially vitamin B12, which again increases her risk of cardiovascular disease. The majority of Asian American Indians prefer to eat foods related to their regional cuisine, with the access of Indian stores, Sanvi can by premade or canned versions of her ethnic food. Due to the increase sodium from the processed foods she may be at risk for hypertension. Overall, Sanvi will have access to a…show more content…
A major concern in California is heavy drinking, it is not as common for Indian Americans to drink, however, she may start drinking at social events. Red wine is known to reduces rates of cancer, only if consumed in small amounts on a regular basis. Her risk of cancer may go down if she increases her natural fiber, eating more whole fruits and vegetables. In addition, her risk of heart disease and diabetes may go down if she eats more regularly (3-5 meals a day), regulates snacking and increases fiber. Tumeric a common ingredient in Indian curries is being studied to decrease inflammation and connections to cancers, eating freshly made foods from her homeland and community may also give her protection from

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