Sapaguita Girl By Pacita Abad Summary

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Pacita Abad (1946 – 2004), a Filipino-American contemporary painter, was born in Batanes, Philippines. She studied Political Science in the University of the Philippines and moved to the United States to pursue a degree in Law. Abad decided to switch careers and follow her love for painting at the Corcoran School of Art located in Washington, D.C. and The Art Students League in New York City. From then on, she traveled the globe and worked in several continents and in over fifty countries until her death in 2004 due to lung cancer. A great majority of Pacita Abad 's paintings react and reflect on socio-political issues both in her home country, which is the Philippines, and the countries that she would spend time on to explore the culture and the people behind them. “Sampaguita Girl” is a Pacita Abad oil painting that reflects the daily lives of the majority of the Filipinos living in the city. Sampaguita is composed of small white flower petals shaped like exquisite star-shaped florescence with a sweet fragrance that blooms in every season of the year. Sampaguita is the Philippine National Flower, which is made into perfume and garlands which are sold by illegal vendors placed outside of churches and in the streets of Manila, Philippines. These flower garlands have more purposes such as to welcome guests and to adorn the relgious altars in churches. The flower, Sampaguita, symbolizes purity, humility, simplicity and strength for the Filipino people. These

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