Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis Analysis

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The analysis has been done and our group has come into an agreement that Sapir-Whorf linguistic determinism is indeed influenced and determined on how people view the world based on their language because language comes before thinking and language represents society.
The first point that we have analyzed is language comes before thinking. As being highlighted by the strong version of Sapir-Whorf hypothesis that thought is determined by the language whereby linguistic categories limit and determine cognitive categories (Oxford References, 2017). Chegg Study (2017) argues that people who speak significantly different languages, then, view the world differently. One will view and think about the world around them in a way how they perceive
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The Whorf hypothesis highlights how the cognition concepts are shaped by language and thinking is limited if one does not know certain word for that specific language, their understanding for that matter will be hard and may be differ from the actual meaning that has been presented (Fantini, 2010). It is impossible for one to think outside of their language as it necessitates how one thinks and they are bound with the language. This subject matter can be relate with the uses of word in forming a sentence or it can be called as morphology. People have to know the meaning of the word they used in other to send the message with the actual meaning towards someone. If the words used are not bringing the exact meaning as from what the person wants to say, it might lead to the misinterpretation from the one who receives the message and the way the message receiver understanding will differ from what he or she should…show more content…
It shows how people use languages to describe their surrounding by interpreting the surrounding and situation into words. Their structure of language profoundly shape the way the construct the reality using their own language or dialect that suit their understanding.
A research has been done by Hassan, Shah, Sarwar & Alam (2011) about sociolinguistics which basically to define social function of the language of Punjabi society. This society has a variety of social groups and they use the same language which is Urdu but have different dialects. However, this society is being racism toward people from different status which separates them into a few groups and each of the group uses different dialects. The uses of dialect also represent their social status whether they are from upper or lower
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