Inner Conflict In Sara Teasdale's Poems

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Every individual experiences internal struggles in one way or another. Sara Teasdale shows these inner struggles throughout her poems. The literary devices incorporated in her poems help demonstrate this. Throughout Sara Teasdale 's poems, literary devices, including diction to change tone, juxtaposition, and personification are used to help convey the consistent theme of facing and overcoming an inner conflict. Of these literary elements, many are used in conjunction with one another. The first literary elements used throughout Teasdale’s writing are diction along with changes in tone. Clear changes in tone prevalent several times in all three poems with the purpose of furthering the conflicting ideas that the author ponders. Firstly,“Since…show more content…
This shows the transitions in her thought processes between looking at the beauty of the world and being unable to forget the struggles of the world. The placement of these two ideas could also be an example of juxtaposition, showing conflicting, or antonymous, ideas next to one another to emphasize how these same occurrences take place in the modern world. Furthermore, examples of juxtaposition are also present in “Winter Stars.” “From shadows shaken on the snow,/ I saw Orion in the east,” uses several literary elements to show the changes in thoughts. “Shadows shaken on the snow,” serve an example of visual imagery. Teasdale uses conflicting images, and ideas, of light and darkness to represent her thoughts. She shows that even though there is darkness in the world, there is also light along with happiness and positivity. The rapid transition between the two ideas, or images, demonstrates the constant strife with finding a positive disposition towards
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