Saracenss In The Renaissance Drama

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Representing Saracens as "Others" in Renaissance Drama During the Renaissance era, the word Saracen has been spread all over England by politicians, social conversations, and also in literary works like drama. This essay intends to discuss the word as an ideology of that age, in which English people consider the Saracens as others, and it will discuss the meaning of "other" and how the Saracens represented in more than one play, also the definition of the word Saracen by talking in brief about its historical roots. The self and other are very obvious in English drama, in which the self is England and the other is the enemy of England. English dramatists tried to satisfy their audiences by performing this ideology on stage. The ideology of otherness includes stereotyping of the other and showing the corruption in their societies, their courts, and even in their mind set. By examining Kyd 's The Spanish Tragedy and relating the play to the war between Spain and England at that time, it is noticed that Kyd reveals the corruption in the court of Spain through his play and that corruption leads to the fall of the Spanish court by the multi-death at the end of the play. English playwrights try to demonize the other to show their power over their enemies. In The Spanish Tragedy Kyd reveals the destruction of the other, Spain, by defeating them from within, without any fight with England, and this enemy is defeated without a war. Kyd here wants to show the corruption in the court of
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