Sarah And Janie's Short Story

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Sarah and Janie still couldn’t decide on a topic for their project. Sarah wanted to do a project on Emma, her older sister. Sure she wasn’t a historic figure but the girl was a straight A student and a little bit on the wild side. Joking about Emma leaded to making a list of bad girls of history. Both girls wanted to do their project on someone with a story worth telling people about.
They decided to make a list of people that would be worth telling about. I open my locker and Sarah’s promised note is taped to the door. It was a tradition between the two of them. In today’s note, Sarah is disturbed that Janie’s still isn’t eating in the lunchroom. At least she has A lunch with all of our old friends, unlike me. Janie put the note in my backpack and was on her way to algebra.
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She finished it and fell into doodleland. Janie doodled a picture of her teacher and what she thought her husband would look like. He ended up looking like a 89 year old man that her father interviewed named Mr. Pritchard. Her father interviewed Mr. Pritchard about his yard art. He liked interesting topics to write about for his job. Mr. Pritchard was anything but boring. The old man was a civil rights lawyer in the 19502 and ‘60s and told Janie and her father of threats he received during their interviews. During the interviews, Mr. Pritchard mentioned his wife, Hazel. She was a teacher that taught people how to read and write so they could vote. Suddenly, Janie realized that Hazel Pritchard had a story worth telling. Janie eats in the library everyday. Well not exactly since no food or drinks are allowed, but she eats her lunch at her locker and then goes to the library to read her mom’s daily blogs. Mostly her mother write about her life on the farm. Hazel reads them everyday to stay caught up.
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