Sarah Anna's Dying: A Short Story

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What would you do to save your sister? Anything? That’s not an answer, you need to be more specific. Would you bleed for her? Would you give up something you wanted for her? Would you honor her wishes even if you do not agree? What is anything. When your sister is dying, there is not a lot of options you can choose between, but what if she was constantly dying? Not the “each day everyone is getting closer to their death date” type of dying, but from a sickness, that could one day just kill her off, but you do not know when that one day is. From the good days to the bad days, you are just waiting for that day, that day known as the end, the end day she dies. what would you do to stop it? More importantly what would you not do? Brian and Sarah…show more content…
She was made for Kate, to be her life line. She made headlines a few years ago as the first “designer baby”. Her parents picked out the egg in Sarah that would close match Kate DNA, and spent nine months waiting for Anna to be porn. Born December 31 (not carrying about the prize if she was born five minutes later), they used the blood from the umbilical cord to save Kate the first time. The second time was when she was old enough to feel and know what was going on. Frequent blood draws became Anna’s life as Kate kept relapsing, never fully healing. The worst was the bone marrow transplant, one that made Anna spend a night in the hospital and left her feeling weak for weeks. Still they had their good times, the first time her family watched her play hockey, those time Jesse drove her around, her gossiping about boys with Kate in their share room. When Kate kidney’s started failing, the family had no question that Anna would step in and donate one to save her sister’s life. What they did not expect? Anna didn’t. Instead she found Campbell Alexander, a lawyer whom she put in charge of her trial against her parents for the right of her body. This trilling novel takes you deep into the dynamics of favoritism, family and love, in this heart shattering novel of what it takes to save your…show more content…
This classic five-person family, the father who save lives every day, but cannot save his own daughter. The mother willing to give up everything she own to save her daughter, but does not have the right stuff for it. The brother, the rebel, the one crying out for someone to notice him, to make his issues priory number one. The sick child, one who is willing to accept death, but her family is not. Then the vessel, the harvest cropped, made for the purpose to save Kate, after all her parents never even wanted a third child. With a little side romance of a cold hearted lawyer, met his old love and law partner who are both assigned to Anna’s case, this story truly dives deep into dynamics of a family. “Either this girl loses her sister, I think, or she’s going to lose herself”. Picoult, writes this book from the point of view of everyone, from Anna, to Julia and Campbell, to Jesse, with each of these chapter switches changes fonts of the story (which can get kind of annoying). Eight days is how long this novel takes, eight days to change a lie, destroy another, a story that is not to take likely. Anna would do anything for Kate, and Kate for Anna (if she was able too), as each of them are willing to die for the other, with an ending that will tear your heart out, nothing will make you want to lie in a pool of your own tears than this heart wrenching
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