Sarah Darer Littman Backlash Analysis

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The book Backlash by Sarah Darer Littman is one of my favorite to read over and over again.I love how the cover looks and it makes you want to read it.I really like the the summary on the back of the book.The book is realistic fiction because it could happen.When I read this book I have so much consern.Sydney is my favorite person in the book.Sydney could be really helpful sometimes.The whole problem can really be hard.I saw a movie like this it’s named CyberBully the moive is really sad and it take place on cillkers just like facebook.The girl overdose just like Lara.The girl did not die in the movie.The movie is based real life.The girl died when she was only 13. Lara is the one with the problem.I don’t get it it why Lara cares about
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