Born To Fly Sarah Evans Analysis

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Born to Fly- Sarah Evans This is one of the first songs I remember actually having a meaning to me. I was very little the first time I heard it, but it immediately became my favorite song. It was my favorite because I had always dreamt about flying, and this song explained it in one simple verse “And how do you keep your feet on the ground when you know you were born, you were born to fly?”. After hearing this song the highlight of traveling anywhere was that I got to listen to Sarah Evans’ songs to and from our destination. I’m positive that after the “cuteness factor” of me singing it wore off my family hated the song from me playing it over and over again.
This One’s for the Girls- Martina McBride
This song came out when I was six years old. It is very significant to me because when I hear it I remember singing happily in the car with my mom being joyous, and having no major troubles or stresses in life. It also reminds me of the first concert I attended. My family went to the state fair just to hear Martina McBride in concert. I was so excited when we got to our seats, until a woman with hair like a lions sat down in front of me. After that I had to spend most of the time on my dad’s shoulders so I could see, despite that it was still a great experience.

Live Like You Were Dying-
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That summer my cousins and I saved up money and bought a pool. It was the highlight of our summer we would stay up all night to go midnight swimming. Then lay out sun bathing all day, and listen to all the songs we thought made us cool kids, and gave us meaning. This song was one of those cheesy pop songs all teenage girls listen to believing that they are a “Heart breaker” and at the time we thought it was the best song ever made. We had a dance contest and my oldest cousin and I did our routine to this song and won. Her and I were so proud of ourselves, even though looking back on it now we were terrible
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