Sarah Grimke: The Inequality Of Men And Women

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Biography 1: Sarah Grimke was a white woman who lived in South Carolina from 1792-1873. She came from a family that was wealthy and slave owners. She was educated privately and was expected to play a high class woman in the Charleston society. After her father's death she moved to philadelphia and ended up becoming a Quaker. Sarah Grimke was the first woman to speak out against slavery and the equality of men and women. Due to her experience of seeing the horrible situations that the slaves experienced made Sarah Gimke favore the eradication of slavery and thus become a very strong feminist. She was one of the first women to speak up/out against slavery and how cruel it was. Sarah Gimke was also one of the first women to bring attention to the inequality of men and women and how that should be reassessed. Biography 2:…show more content…
She grew up in Massachusetts and was very well educated by her schoolteacher. Margaret Fuller was part of the Transcendentalist circle. An article written by her in 1843 called, "The Great Lawsuit: Man Versus Men: Woman Versus Women" was featured. She furthered her feelings towards the inequality towards men and women through Woman in the Nineteenth Century. This talks about controversial topics such as prostitution and slavery, marriage, employment, and reform. Growing up as a women in the 1800s, made Margaret want to speak out against the inequality that all women faced and to spread the message of fighting for what is
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