Lamb Love Mary Hale Analysis

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The author of this nursery rhyme is Sarah Hale. This piece portrays the relationship between the lamb and Mary. The author has used some literary devices, such as similes; for example, line 1 in the poem states that “Mary had a little lamb its fleece as white as snow”. The author was using a happy, child-like tone while writing this nursery rhyme. Everything in this nursery rhyme remained positive as it was mainly for children. In this nursery rhyme, it is understood, unquestionably, that the lamb loves Mary immensely.
First of all, everywhere Mary went, the lamb followed. The lamb was even willing to wait alone sometimes just for Mary. There was a time when the lamb followed Mary to school. This was against the rule and the lamb was not allowed
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Lines 7 and 8 show the connection between Mary and the lamb and this becomes evidence for the conclusion. Line 7 states that “Why does the lamb love Mary so?” This shows a connection between Mary and the lamb and it can be assumed that certain actions would have instigated the love. These actions are: it followed her everywhere and waited patiently for her. Patience is required in most relationships for love and commitment to take place and the action of her following everywhere can be seen to be a form of attachment. Line 8 states that “Why, Mary loves the lamb you know” the teacher replied. In line 7 they ask why the lamb loves Mary. It can be assumed that for the lamb to love Mary, Mary must have first shown affection to the lamb in the first place. This can be seen in the last paragraph as it states, “it made the children laugh and play”. We assume through this that the lamb gives Mary joy and that is why she loves the lamb. Using this evidence it can be seen that Mary and the lamb both love each other.
In conclusion, “Mary Had a Little Lamb” is a poem that describes the relationship between a girl named Mary and her lamb. The focus that was given to us was the love between Mary and her lamb. Our conclusion was that the lamb loved Mary immensely and our evidence were: The lamb lingered near Mary, everywhere Mary went, the lamb followed, the students also believed that Mary loves the lamb as in lines 7 and 8 in the poem, and it waited patiently for Mary. These pieces of evidence support the thesis, the lamb adored Mary, which was drawn from the
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