Sarah Hopewell Case Study

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The Community College Aurora police department ask for my help in a investigation on a human skeletal remain found on the campus. While analyzing the crime scene the investiogors noticed the clothes of the victim were wearing have bloodstains on both the T-shirt and jeans and there was no identification on the remains. The police department collected the evidence and tested the blood samples found the clothes. The blood on T-shirt was analyzed and was two different type of blood on the surface on material. Blood type was B negative (B Rh-) and blood type O positive (Rh+). Since the blood type B negative (Rh-) was so massive on the victim clothing, we suggested that the blood belongs to the victim. The blood type of O positive (Rh+) then determines to belong to the suspect (attacker) since the victim may use self-defense and inflicted harm on the…show more content…
The police department narrow down the investigation to four suspects Bob Whitney, Mary Lynn Turner, Joe Rangel and Allen Dann. They all provide a blood sample to the investigation to determine if one of the blood samples belongs to the suspect. A new development happened during our investigation, where information about a missing girl surface name Sarah Hopewell reflecting she could be the victim in the crime. Based on Sarah medical records we determine she was blood type B negative (Rh-), Caucasian and twenty-one years of age when she disappear. The question we are trying to answer during our investiagation “Do the skeletal remains belong to Sarah Hopewell?” “Are any of the suspects the attacker of the victim in the crime?” Ultimately, who does the skeletal remains belong

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