Henry Luria Book Report

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My name is Collier White and my great-great-great-great-great- grandmother wrote a memoir of my family’s difficult trip from England to The United States of America in the 1700s. Her name was Sarah J. Picken Cohen. I did not know her but I can tell that she was involved in my family’s story. She was involved by sharing our story in special places and sharing the memoir with lots of people. Her book was called Henry Luria or The Little Jewish Convert. Henry Luria was her little boy who converted to Judaism. He would have been my great -great -great- great- uncle. But he sadly passed when he was eight years old. Sarah wanted to show people what he had been through just because of his beliefs. Sarah lived in Richmond, Virginia and married…show more content…
I have gladly found some nice quotes about my family’s story. First edition of Cohen's scarce, idiosyncratic memoir of conversion to Judaism, a mixed marriage, and a reconversion to Christianity; prints "Memoir of My Life" and "Henry Luria; or, The Little Jewish Convert:(http://www.glennhorowitz.com/dobkin/henry_luria)That is a description of the book in a few words. Now I will show you some facts about the dialogue and maybe some of her poetry that she was known for. Mr. Glenn Horowitz has described the book as an idiosyncratic memoir of a conversion to Judaism. He also talked about a mixed marriage of which I never knew about. He has described my family in a very descriptive way. Henry Luria, today a rare book, is an eccentric volume, which resists classification because it contains such a potpourri of materials. Its interest lies, first, in the narrative which it provides of an uneventful and unconventional life.(https://books.google.com/books?id=RfXGJBB1HvoC&printsec=frontcover&source=gbs_ge_summary_r&cad=0#v=onepage&q=101&f=false). The book, which cated to the popular religious author Joseph Holt Ingram who wrote a book in Holly Springs, Mississippi. This was where Mrs. Cohen was living with her married daughter in 1806 Jane Picken. She married the local rabbi’s son Abraham. She wrote her inspirational book in Holly Springs. When Mrs. Cohen’s first born in 1814, her Christian friends interpret this as divine judging for the si of converting, and and she agrees that her husband should succeed his father as Rabbi. She writes about the trouble she went threw with her husband having to succeed hi father. This was one of the main struggles of the book.
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