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In the first episode, “The Albii” of Serial, the podcast Sarah Koenig describes her introduction to Adnan Syed 's story by a lawyer and close friend to convicted murderer, Syed. That friend was Rabia Chaudry. Chaudry and her brother, who was a good friend to Syed, believed that he was wrongfully convicted for the murder of his ex-girlfriend Hae Ming Lee. Chaudry contacted Koenig because of her earlier work as a reporter for the Baltimore Sun. Koenig had written a story about a disbarred, well-known attorney known for mishandling client money. It just so happens that attorney was the same person who defended Syed. In the episode, Chaudry 's proposal to Koenig is the attorney purposely botched the case to get more money from appeals. Curious of the repeat character in both stories (Syed’s lawyer) Koenig began to dig in and research about Syed’s case. What she found was something out of a Shakespearean play and could not turn away.…show more content…
A story of jealousy, suspicion, an honor besmirched and at the center of the story a young Muslim teen who killed his ex-girlfriend in a last act of murderous revenge, the story almost told itself. The scene: a high school. The characters: hormone and sexually charged teenagers. The narration: the sporadically pieced together events that unfolded one night in 1999 told by various teens, parents, teachers and Koenig. The plot: a good ol’ case of “who dun it” . As Koenig 's 12-episode podcast unfolds we learn that Syed 's case is greatly fumbled at every step of the
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