Sarah Koenig Serial Analysis

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People on Earth in their whole lifetime always end up making the wrong decisions or false statements. Little do they know that the choices and things they say can land them in jail. At the breaking point of the situation, people don’t know what to do or say. So, they just go with what they think or what they’re feeling. What would people have done if they were in Adnan’s position? The story of Serial by Sarah Koenig is about the murder of Hae Min Lee. Her body was found six weeks later at a local park. Hae’s ex-boyfriend, Adnan was convicted the following year when evidence was found and he is now serving a life sentence for Hae’s murder. The story was really engaging because it had a lot of plot twists, showing the emotions of the characters and the struggles that they had. Adnan Syed is not guilty because Mr. S could be a possible suspect when he found Hae’s body, Adnan was not that upset enough to go kill her, and Jay (Adnan’s friend) kept changing his side to the story of what happened when he was interviewed by the cops. The first reason Adnan is innocent is that Mr. S could be a possible suspect when he found Hae’s body by a local park. This reason makes sense because when the police did a background…show more content…
S could be a possible suspect in the murder of Hae, Adnan loved Hae and he wouldn’t that upset to just go kill her, and Jay kept changing his alibi about what happened. Even Jay is saying that he found Hae’s body in the back of Adnan’s car, Adnan is ultimately innocent because Jay could have took part in the crime somehow and he could be possibly covering something up. What I learned most from this project is that people can’t trust everyone. They can stab them in the back or make up lies but all the lying and false accusations can make people be involved in crimes or tough situations. From what had happened to Adnan, readers can tell that Adnan couldn’t trust Jay because he was telling wrong information the
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