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The hit podcast “Serial”, hosted by Sarah Koenig, is about a man sentenced to jail for first degree murder of “Hae Min Lee”, named “Adnan Syed.” The question is, did he do it? Based on the facts, rumors told in the podcast, and discussions with my peers, I believe that Adnan Syed was rightfully convicted to his crime of murdering “Hae Min Lee” beyond a reasonable doubt. The is biggest suspect to the case is rightfully deserved to be Adnan. He is a strong and tall muslim man, (who’s also a bit of a narcissist shown by telling people he’s innocent for years), perfectly capable of strangling Hae. He was Hae’s ex-boyfriend which gave him a motive, killing her because Hae broke up with him. The break up with him damaged his pride thus wanting to…show more content…
His lies include: lying to get into Hae’s car, lying about trying to get into Hae’s car, calling Hae three times from home to give him her number where he was actually driving around doing something while calling Hae, going out with Jay to get a present for “Stephanie” when they drove halfway around Baltimore when they were clearly weren’t just getting a present for Stephanie, and Adnan was not on his way to the mosque with his father at 7 pm. Adnan has lied countless amount of times, but the most striking one is calling the day January, 13th “It was just a totally normal day” when he testified. Such a big day with tons of information juggling around yet Adnan calls it a normal day. It was one of his best friend’s 18th birthday, first day of owning a cell phone and bringing it to school, being a student that is 40 minutes to class, and even getting a call from the police asking if he knows where his ex-girlfriend is. This is clearly not a normal day. Adnan’s cell phone is a major evidence in wrapping this case around Adnan. Adnan cell phone’s cell tower records is proof that the cell phone at the burial site, Leakin Park, proof that Adnan has possession of his phone in the evening, and that Adnan’s alibi was a lie. Simply Adnan’s alibi consisted with him attending school for the duration of the school day, took his track practice, and then went home and remained there until attending services at…show more content…
Maybe his lawyer thought it would do more harm than good if he testified. Jay testified at court only to being rained upon shouting and questions from Adnan’s lawyer. About half of the people in the jury were black. Maybe from the perspective of the jury the black people saw the trial as a white girl shouting and overpowering Jay and thus having a bias towards Jay. I believe the trial was fair though. There may be many missing details from the trial itself. Serial is built to be entertaining. People in the jury must have had their reasons on why they think Adnan is guilty. After all, twelve people took a measly two hours to decide that Adnan was
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