Sarah Nagal Character Analysis

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INFLUENCE OF SPOUSAL COMMUNICATION ON MARITAL STABILITY IN NAYANTARA SAHGAL’S MAJOR NOVELS Sahgal has shown her male characters mostly a narrow-minded, ruthless, careless husband’s who make their sensitive wives experience acute sense of loneliness, emptiness and boredom in life. However, exceptionally though, her male characters equally suffer in a wrong marriage, due to isolation or lack of communication. They may not undergo the same kind of agony because man is not dependent in the same way as his wife is on him, but a wrong marriage gives him a lot of torture too. A similar discord can be seen in the married life of Usman and Nadira in A SITUATION IN NEW DELHI (1977). Usman, a vice-chancellor, is over-burdened with the troubles of unrest and violence in the University campus. Usman desires whole-heartedly to share his deepest and inner most thoughts with Nadira, but the latter remains stubborn, uncompromising, and refuses to come out of the fortress around her. However, their splitting relationship is saved from further break-up by the “will to understand”, and like Jit and Mara in STROM IN CANDIGARH, there is a hope of fuller and deeper relationship. Madhu, another helpless victim of the taboo-ridden, conventional society, is a victim of violence both physical and emotional. Before she is able to recover from the shock of having been raped, her family is engaged in seeking a husband for her and is more concerned with public opinion than with her individual

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