Sarah Parcak: A Short Story

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“Are we there yet.” said Miguel, “ We’ve been traveling for hours.”
“Hold your horses, just another hour.” replied Sarah.
“As long as this trip lasted it better be worth it.” Steve whispered.
“ Listen to Sarah,” I replied, “we’ll get there soon.”
I was the famed American archeologist Chance Gordon who was traveling with the famed Egyptologist Sarah Parcak, the famed teacher of Egyptian artifacts Steve Stevens, and the well known Egyptologist Miguel Aguilar. We were sent to Egypt to explore the sarcophagus of the famous Egyptian pharaoh Ramses.
“There’s the pyramid where he is buried.” Said Steve.
“Look’s like your “armchair archaeology paid off.” I said cheerfully. We then arrived at the site and got out. The pyramid must of reached at least 70 ft tall and over 90 ft wide.
“ It’s huge,” said Miguel exasperated.
“ Get the equipment.” said Sarah. We got out and immediately I
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Then I realized and then shouted, “ Run for the exit. We then immediately dropped our stuff and ran to the exit. The next thing that happened was dumfounding me instead of the thing retreating back to It’s tomb it chased us. For a creature being over 1,000 years old, he ran fast and he was able to impale Miguel really quickly and poor Miguel muttered his last words “ Why.” Then he died. Now it was just Sarah and me running for the exit to the pyramid then it attacked Sarah and I tried to pull her free but then the mummy targeted me and crept forward with his sword in hand. Before I could say a word he sliced my chest open and the last thing I remember before Sarah pulled me free of the pyramid was her going back in. “No.” I screamed as she went in to fight the creature. She was in there for a few minutes. I heard the sounds of fighting ,and then suddenly it stopped. Then I saw Sarah walk out of the pyramid holding the bronze sickle sword Ramses was holding when he attacked us. “ It’s over.” said Sarah. Then she collapsed,

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