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Sarah Thiel is a dental hygienist with an alternative career while serving as secretary of the New Mexico dental hygiene committee and as a dental board examiner for two different agencies. She is the CEO and co-founder of CE Zoom, which is a continuing education tracking system.
Sarah began in the dental field as a dental assistant 16 years ago and has ten years of experience as a dental hygienist. She graduated from the dental hygiene program at San Juan in Farmington, N.M. She has a loving husband and two beautiful children. As a mother, a wife, and a dental hygienist, Sarah knew the value of time and came up with the idea of a place where oral healthcare professionals can manage their continuing education courses. Continuing education is the last thing on the mind of a busy dental hygienist until the time of renewal. Each hygienist like Sarah herself will then have to go out of their ways to look for the 12 hours of acceptable continuing education. About five years ago, she was looking for a place where she can keep track with all her CE courses, but unfortunately, she was unsuccessful. At the time, her brother was working for a company that built web applications; therefore, she came up with the idea that she could also create an app with for tracking CE credits. After many months discussing with the company, Sarah was unable to find the funding for her project. Finally, she joined up with her former
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It can search for live courses and self-study courses as well as conferences; it showed the exact location, time, and an overview of the course. It also tracks registrations, manages expenses, and records the entire current CE, transcripts, and surveys. CE Zoom is a great tool that helps organize CE courses and licenses when it is time for renewal which can help prepare for any state’s

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