Sarah Winchester Research Paper

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Imagine a 160 room house with only one person person living in it, and if the owner ever stopped building, she would die. This was the case for Sarah Winchester in San Jose California. The Winchester mystery house is a famous haunted mansion in California. Sarah Winchester was a lady who bought an unfinished farm house in 1884. There was a course upon the winchester family because they owned a gun company and the guns they made had taken too many lives. Sarah winchester was born in New haven Connecticut in 1840. She died on September 5, 1922. Sarah then moved to San Jose california and purchased an unfinished farm house. The house was pretty large. She then started building whatever she had chose to. She had her pick of local workers and craftsmen and for the next 36 years, they built and built and constructed one section of the house after another. She kept 22 carpenters at work, year around, 24 hours each day. The sounds of hammers and saws sounded throughout the day and night. Each day she had drawn out on napkins what she wanted them to build, it was khaotic, having doors that lead to nowhere and windows in the floors. The house reached the height of seven stories, but it didn't stop there.…show more content…
The house is made confusing for anyone who doesn't live there. She can control the spirits who were killed by the winchester guns. But something tragic happened, an earthquake. The earthquake had done some damage to the house and Sarah had the contractor's rebuild everything that was damaged which took
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