Sarah Wong's Essay On Barbie Dolls

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1. In the opening paragraphs Wong compares her new Kira doll with the others Barbie dolls in her collection by establishing their differences in color hair, such as “beautiful with clouds of blond or light brown hair (Wong 3).” Also the other Barbie dolls in her collection has “broad, toothy smiles, and wide open eyes (Wong 3)”. Also “their outfits were perfect (Wong 4)” However, Wong describe her new Barbie as “black-haired” and “slanted eyes” as well as “her lips were curved into a more secretive, sly smile (Wong 3)”
3. The Barbie dolls serves as symbols for the girls by illustrating their own physical beauty and differences and portraying the “perfect” versus the “imperfect and incomplete” girl. In other words, the Barbie dolls represent for the girls what they should actually be or look, a model representation of
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In the essay Wong focus on one similarity between herself and her best friend in paragraph five when she explain how they would “shared the latest addition to our Barbie collections (Wong 5)” difference between herself and her best friend mostly in paragraph five when she discuss the difference between their hair saying that Sarah has “soft wages down her back” while her “black hair was slippery and straight (Wong 5)” Wong might to choose to organize her essay as she does because this way she could compare and contrast every point as she goes, showing the audience the connections right away.

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1. The overall tone of the essay is reflective. In other words, throughout the essay, Wong illustrates her innermost thoughts of the Barbie dolls as well as compare the Princess Barbie with her best-friend. Also Wong express her emotions towards the Barbie doll her new and imperfect Barbie doll.
2. A. “Sarah’s hair fell in soft wages down her back, while my own black hair was slippery and straight, like uncooked spaghetti (Wong 5)”
B. “My other dolls were all alike and beautiful with their clouds of blond (or light brown hair) (Wong
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