Saranell Birdsong Character Analysis

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In a world where lost hinders, war rages, and death of an enemy is victory, Pat Carr takes her readers to a time where war is prominent. In the novella Death of a Confederate Soldier, Saranell Birdsong, an emotionally lost young girl, tries to grasp an understanding of what's beyond her comprehension. While Renny her slave willingly saves her, Geneva her hopeless mother turns down the job of parenthood and in that is unable to face reality. Because of her it is better to lose a parents through death than it is through emotional abandonment.

While Saranell is losing her mother not only to death but emotionally as well, she continues to struggle through feeling wanted or loved. Geneva, Saranell’s mom, won’t accept the fact that she has a daughter to raise and make her feel okay with all that's going on. “Geneva didn't acknowledge the bouquet, however, and she ate the third of tasteless pancake without a comment. Only when Saranell brought in the packet of hardtack and showed her did she laugh” (Carr 116). Saranell is Geneva’s child. She’s obligated and has the right to want a response or reactive from her mother. Because Geneva is so emotionally distant from her life a simple laugh was a moment of release
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In similarity to Saranell Birdsong, they both face the struggle of growing up with absent parents and figuring out the world on their own. With mothers alike, unable to face reality, they both are trapped in unwilling to . “You want to help me change my life? Mom asked. I'm fine. You're the one who needs help. Your values are all confused” (Walls ). While Jeannette is trying to help her mother and bring her back into her life, she's unwilling to receive the help. Instead, she would rather stay in a hopeless world planted her mind and rejects her daughter. “Geneva remained in Fanny Culver's bedroom without saying a word about the fact that
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