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Leaving Gilead, can be a difficult book to understand at first. But Carr really gets it to flow. The first person you will meet will be Saranell. She is going through life during war, And her sidekick Renney will help her go Along this journey. He father is serving in the civil War, and her mother Geneva couldn 't really care less about Saranell. War has really brought out the worst in Geneva with being a mother. Mother, daughter, and slave must all leave Gilead to find "better" things. While Saranell’s father is serving in the war, she has that feeling down inside that he 's gone and she 'll never see him again. They hit a few bumps in the road as they travel, to meeting Yankee soldiers to losing someone. War brings out the worst in people. War…show more content…
Since war brought the worst in him, he was just evil from the beginning. "She ain 't dead after all "(Carr 127). This quote is going right back to the rape of Geneva and the confederate soldier, he had broken Saranell arm and she was just pushing throughout the pain, matter of fact she had passed out from the pain letter. She had pushed through the pain to help her mother. Even though she was a eight year old girl knew what was right and stayed helpful and loving to her mom some what. While the night was silent and then all of a sudden there was a voice “Who are you? He asked in a deep voice”(Carr 139). He had come out of nowhere, Saranell and Renny were somewhat scared but not to scared. He seemed mean at first but then all of a sudden he was nice and kind. He know right away that Saranell had a broken arm, he didn 't ask why. Suffering what a word, it must be apart of our everyday life, especially in war. “Human suffering anywhere concerns men and women everywhere”(Wiesel). Geneva was suffering while she was sick, Saranell was with her arm, it’s all over the place even in our life. War can be brutal to everyone especially family with love with
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