Sarcasm Brings Humor Analysis

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Sarcasm Brings Humor
Sarcasm is embedded in everybody’s language to make our communication more humorous. When at parties or simply hanging out with friends, we use sarcasm like, “oh shut up” when someone says something funny or ridiculous. We actually don’t want that person to stop talking, if anything we want them to continue. Sarcasm has to be used when it is appropriate or else one can get into a sticky situation. For example, in high school, I had one of my teachers tell me something related to a specific topic and I responded saying, “yeah, right.” To him I doubted him on what he was teaching in the class, but in reality I was just being sarcastic. Sarcasm has its ups and downs that only we can choose how we use it in our language.
Using sarcasm is a way for one to be nice or rude,
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Chin states, “Sarcasm seems to exercise the brain more than sincere statements do” (109.) The author also says, “Many parts of the brain are involved in processing sarcasm, according to recent brain imaging studies” (111.) According to chin, we are more likely to use sarcasm with friends than with our enemies. Last week at work I got into an argument with a co-worker, who’s not my favorite person in the world or even to work with. Furthermore, he was asking me about where was his book from a table that left. I had it with me at the front desk, then he started to give me attitude. This made me furious, but I didn’t want to get in trouble; so I simply started being sarcastic with him. Janelle Rubio is my best friend, when we are together there is sarcasm bouncing off the walls. There has been many occasions where she asks me if she looks fat. Of course I being sarcastic, I tell her she does and we laugh together like hyenas. I use sarcasm to win augments with boyfriend, which frustrates him to the point where he stops talking to me. Sarcasm isn’t only fun, it has a benefit towards one’s health with one’s
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