Sarcastic Halli Analysis

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There were many odd verbal exchanges in the stories that we read, especially in Sarcastic Halli for example this odd conversation between king and Halli, “This man, who in fact was king Harald Sigurdarson, then asked, “Didn’t Agdi fuck you?” “Not yet,” said Halli. The king grinned and spoke: “is there some agreement that he will do you this service sometime later?” “No,” said Halli “and one particular consideration was crucial to our suffering no disgrace at his hands.” (Sarcastic Halli Page 343). The thing I don’t understand is why in the world are they talking about this, Didn’t they think it is little weird to talk about a topic like that. The other odd verbal exchange was “Have you seen a better axe?” “I don’t think so,” said Halli. “Will…show more content…
“I won’t put up with his abusive obscenities.” The king ordered that n one be so hold as to lay hold of Halli for all of this, “but it can be changed, it you think that another woman is more suitable to lie beside me and be queen - you hardly know how to hear your praise.” (Sarcastic Halli Page 356).I thought this was very strange because any husband would be mad if they heard someone say insulting things about their wife, but instead king thought it was funny and he was trying to explain to his wife. After reading all of these texts, I have came to conclusion that in their culture they don’t think about other people's feeling before they say something. They think saying insulting things about someone is a way to compliment them, but I think it is a bad manner to say such things to others. One other thing I noticed is that, they don’t feel ashamed of using the word “fuck” or asking each other to have sex for things. All of this text have one thing in common, it insulting poems. The way Halli uses the poem to insult and to compliment others. The difference was the way Halli insulted or talked to people and the fact that king didn’t even get angry at Halli for insulting him and his
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