Sargassum Case Study

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CHAPTER 1 The Problem and Its Setting 1.1 Introduction Brown algae (Sargassum) are one of the most abundant plant in the Philippines. It is naturally occurring in the seas all over the country. It is mostly caught by fisherman during fishing or it washes off shore. It is usually thrown away since it is often considered useless. Sargassum is one of the most neglected and ignored plant in the Philippines. Unlike other algae, Sargassum is inedible externally, the plant possess insecticidal and pesticidal properties. The plant contains boric acid, a natural acid that does not contain too much chemicals and can kill pests and insects. That is why sargassum is useful in killing pests. Some researchers found out that also has other natural acids that is use to kill pest. But this study will only focus on killing cockroaches using the extract of the plant. Cockroaches belong to the king animalia, Phylum anthropoda, class insecta and order blattaria. Cockroaches carries various bacteria’s, that once intake can destroy the immune system of our body that will result to various diseases, since they are commonly found near waste deposits. This study will be conducted to determine the effectiveness of Sargassum extract as an alternative pesticide for Cockroaches. 1.2 Background of the study Pesticides widely used in agriculture. Plants are composed of chemical substances of which some are not directly beneficial for the growth and development of the organism. These secondary

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