Sargei Polyunin Dance Analysis

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The Elements of Dance Shown Through Sergei Polunin
“Great dancers are not great because of their technique, they are great because of their compassion,” this quote by Martha Graham describes Sergei Polunin, who was the dancer in our assigned video. While this dancer is dancing to “Take Me to Church” by Hozier, he is using many different elements to create the form of art called dance. Three of these elements are mine and pantomime, the music, and mise-en-scene. Through each and every one of these elements the dancer is able to tell his audience exactly how intense his feelings are and he can also send emotions to us and make us feel what he is feeling. On page 218 of our book it states, “Pantomime helps to carry forward the story line. We sense the emotions and character relationships in the dancers’ steps, gestures, movements, and facial expressions.” In this video, the dancer is clearly using pantomime. You can feel his emotions and what he is trying to convey without him speaking a single word. One way he does this is by overexaggerating all of his movements. He makes it seem as if with every movement he is putting all of his emotion into it which then transfers the emotions to us. The dancer also uses many facial expressions to
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The dancer holds so many emotions that go along with the choreography and also the high intensity within the music. I have ten years of experience with ballet dancing and I can say that no matter how emotional you get while watching a ballet dancer it will get nowhere near as emotional as you get when you are the one performing the dance. There is just something about performing any type of dance that fires up the emotions in you. If anyone ever gets the experience to perform some type of dance I would highly recommend it because just like any other art form it gives you a change to show your emotions and connect with
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