The Importance Of The Saris In Indian Culture

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Saris are beautiful extravagantly decorated lengths of fabric that a draped around a woman to accentuate her figure. The fabric can range anywhere from 4 – 9 yards in length and comes in many different materials and colours. They are normally worn with a blouse and a petticoat and are a staple in Indian culture. Saris have a very long history dating back millennia and stem from Hindu practices. As old as they are, saris are still very prevalent in Indian culture today, for reasons that range from practicality to that of the Hindu faith.
The history of the sari is one that goes back thousands of years in the Middle East. According to Jarman (2014), the earliest found depiction of a sari was found in the Indus Valley in 100 B.C. The
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The cultural significance of something is its importance and prevalence within a culture, and by knowing that it is obvious how much significance the sari has. According to the author of, “How are sarees made?” (2012), advertisements for saris can be seen all over India, and all for different occasions. These can range from wedding dresses, festival attire, everyday wear, and so many more. It has become such a significant part of Indian culture for many reasons, the most important ones being religious and its practicality. As claimed by the author of, “Importance of Saree and benefits of wearing it” (2012), saris are very important to the Hindu faith because of its tradition, the fact that it is unstitched since stitched clothing is seen as impure, and that it is thought to lead women on a righteous path. Stemming from that, when looking at the significance of the sari it is important to know that the majority of India is Hindu. This is then a great part of its significance because it is greatly affected by religious practices. Another important part of its cultural significance is the practicality, which is impacted by things like climate and work habits. India is very close to the equator, meaning that it is very hot most of the time. Saris are then very practical because the way they are wrapped also for optimal airflow, and because they are made of very light breathable…show more content…
Each sari can be made to look very different and are made in a long process. Saris come in basically every colour, all depending on what the wearer would like their outfit to look like. The wearer can choose the sari to match their blouse and petticoat, or they can choose colours for their events, like their wedding. Saris are made in many different combinations of fabrics in this modern era but traditionally were made of cotton or silk. Silk saris are made through a very time-consuming process that takes an estimated 45 days for one to be completed. They are desired for the fact that they allow you stay comfortable during the hot weather of India. First, the silk is collected and made into fine threads. The threads are then dyed to the colour or colours the sari is going to be. They are then put into a very intricate hand loom that has a thread to control each induvial thread. They are then weaved together in order to create the final design. This process is so intricate and precise that it is usually done by one group of people who have learned from their ancestors before them and become masters at the art of sari making. This process can also be done with other types of thread to achieve the overall

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