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Lyrical Aspect in the Poems of Sarojini Naidu Arti Kumari Teacher at Govt. High School, Brahmpura, Muzaffarpur, Bihar The first thing that strikes us in reading Sarojini Naidu’s poetry is her exquisite melody and fine delicacy of feeling, an expression blended with the freshness and exuberance of spirit. The poetic world of Sarojini Naidu built around the themes of Nature, love, life, and folk projects a consistently joyous universe, reconstructed out of her own emotional life and supported by the images and symbols of human aspiration and hope. Her poems show a sensitive awareness of the progression of life towards the immutable coordination of Truth, Beauty and Joy. In her poetry, the lyric appeal is wonderful and full of the magic of melody. She sings of Indian myths, festivals and rituals. She speaks of the events of day to day life in an enchanting voice. Keywords: Nature, Love, Truth, Beauty, Joy, Myth, Magic of melody. Sarojini Naidu is primarily “a singer of songs” and a song bird, “The Nightingale of India” and “Bharat Kokila”. Professor Vishwanathan is correct when he points out that it is a closed mind that thinks that she is not a song bird. In the opinion of Mr. Mathur, Sarojini is a “Supreme singer of beautiful songs, songs bathed in melody and thought.” He finds a moving melody in her Indian folk songs. There can be no two opinions about the predominance of lyrical impulse in Sarojini’s poetry. Her poems are mostly “short-swallow-flight of

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