Sarovar Hotel Classification

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HOSPITALITY is the term referring to cordial and generous reception of guest’s, Indian believe the guest is like God. Indian hotels are with this heritage. The first Commercial hotel in India The Taj Mahal Mumbai was built in 1903. A Hotel may be defined as a place that offer accommodation food, and beverages at a cost that enables it to make a perfect. Hotels are classified on the basis of then location, size of property Target market, theme and level of service but India hotel Industry follows the star rating system. Star Rating is based on the rooms. Formulated by the Hotel and Restaurant Approval classification Committee (HRACC) the star classification of hotels is a functionof the services provided by them.

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It is the third largest hotel chain in India with more than 70 hotels aerors India & overseas. The hotel is affiliated with Carlson Hospitality worldwide which is an active hospitality service providercomprising more than 1570 hotels, resorts, restaurants &cruise ship operation in 81 countries. This association makes Sarovar Hotels a master franchisor. Every Sarovar Hotel is designed to meet the contemporary requirements of today’s traveller. Sarovar’s vision is to be the brand guest’s “love coming back…show more content…
The standard plays very important role in increasing the business of hotels. One feels comfortable & satisfied only in the environment which is clean, hygienic &well ordered. Accommodation in hotels is the largest part of any hotel as it is the major part of hotel’s profitability. Housekeeping is an important revenue generating department as it is responsible for the cleaning&aesthetic upkeep of the whole hotel especially guestrooms. Hotels offer laundry, dry cleaning facilities for guests clothes &shoes polishing facilities, among to make the environment neat & clean & trying to give a personal touch to the services offered to guests. All these services are provided by the Housekeeping department only thus increasing the revenue of hotel as all such services are charged from the guest. Housekeeping is the department which often gets in contact of guests during their stay in hotel. It provides a fine stay & services to guests so they are pleased with the hotel as guests satisfaction is the primary objective of any
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