Sartoris Vengeance In Abner's Revenge

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Abner, Sartoris’ father, is accurately portrayed as an unemotional, yet vindictive character. Abner’s character adds a theme of vengeance through the story. In the very begging of the story, he exacts his revenge upon Mr. Harris by burning down his barn. This occurred after forewarned Abner allowed his hog to get into Mr. Harris’ corn field for the third time “The hog got into my corn…a nigger came with a dollar and go the hog…’’ (Anyone 888). This quotation shows how Abner invoked his vengeance upon his victims with sheer cunning. Another example of his vengeful attitude occurs when Abner enters the home of Major De Spain, whom he will soon be sharecropping. “He examined the house with brief deliberation he turned … leaving a final long and
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