Sartre And Barbra Streisand's Hell Is Other People

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Sartre and Barbra Streisand have two polar opposite perspectives of how they view society. Both of these public figures come from two different backgrounds in life. Sartre was a French philosopher and a political activist that served in World War II as a meteorologist. He was captured by Germans and served as a prisoner of war for nine months. After that, he had heavily political involvement during the Cold War. He exposed concentration camps and saw many morbid things as a result of it. Sartre’s experience with society around him gave him a particular perspective of how he views people. He had to deal with the worst of people during wartime and life which inspired him to write “Hell is other people.” I interpreted that Sartre’s statement…show more content…
At a young age, Streisand figured out that she had a talented voice and had ambitions to become a famous actress. She started singing at nightclubs, which sparked her successful career. She played a role in a Broadway play, fell in love with the lead, and released fifty-three Gold albums, thirty-one Platinum albums, and fourteen Multi-Platinum albums during her career. As a charismatic entertainer, you are around fans that adore you and in return you adore your fans back. I believe based on her background and point of view Streisand was inspired to sing “People who need people are the luckiest people in the…show more content…
Everyone has their own perspective based on their own personal experiences. My personality is a ISTJ, (Introvert sensing with extraverted thinking), and I personally like to avoid conflict whenever I can. Sartre sought to represent and attempt to resolve conflicts, and was around people that he regarded as hell. I would rather be around people that cared about me like Streisand. I desire people in my life or I will start to feel lonely and isolated. I could never say that “Hell is other people.”, like Sartre. I feel like it is essential for everybody to have people in their life they depend on and care immensely about. Humans are social creatures and have a natural urge to communicate with other humans. We all like to share humorous moments, bewildering stories, and our life troubles with each other. It’s for our own mental health. We should all feel lucky to have the people we care about in our lives, without them we are lost. Communication is essential and key to our everyday. Overall, Streisand sends out a more powerful message to her audience than Sartre. I feel like her message provides a more inspiring message instead of just saying than "Other People are Hell." I feel like it encourages other people to be more positive and try to make a difference in their communities, than just saying that everyone is horrible.

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