Sartre's Criticism: The Strengths Of Existentialism

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Existentialist is a philosophical view that focus on reality and what is real against what is imaginary. In this school of thought philosophical views are born with more focus about humans and their existence in comparison to things that might not exist or have never been proved scientifically to exist like ghost and spirits. Existentialism believes in the right to choose and this freedom of choice leads to reality of choosing something that exist. Finding the real meaning to our life is part of existentialism. With this initial introduction on existentialism we move and analyse its major strengths and weaknesses in the next few sections followed by what 's appealing and discouraging about Sartre 's point of view about existentialism. EXISTENTIALIST VIEW OF PHILOSOPHY
Everything has an essence in life and that 's the original philosophical thought that brought out the version of existentialism that we are about to discuss. For example the essence of a game is to play it, the essence of a car is to drive it and so on. If we leave out the essence, then everything else become immaterial. In the case of humans it was originally perceived that we are born with an essence or purpose in life, but existentialist denied it and came out with their own version that everyone is born without any essence. It is for us to discover our own purpose as we evolve in our life. This is the basic principle to existentialism and hence they came out with their own manta as
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