Analysis Of Sartre's Wealth Of Nations

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Humans did not develop to live in the large groups of people, but societies that were able to establish systems that are robust enough to sustain large groups of people were able to engage in the specialization that, in turn allowed them to possess superior military power. Due to the strong military forces, larger tribes were able to subdue other traditionally organized communities. However, as tribes grew, they face unexpected problems such as resource distribution, which gave rise to a set of the economic systems. In the recent history, capitalism becomes the most common economic structure. While this type of social organization is self-sustainable, it inadvertently produces unintended problems. Consider, for an instant, the financial forces…show more content…
He usually did not keep any material wealth, contrary to what capitalist system encourages. Instead, he focused on prosocial spending in order to create memories. Even further, he did not keep anything from his trips. The only thing he kept was his pipe and his pen, symbolically indicating he obsession with philosophy and dedication to living for his enjoyment. Similar to the Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations where living in pursuit of personal interests generates a greater good for everyone, Sartre's pursuit of selfish motives regularly brought enjoyment for people around him. His tips, for an instant, were beyond generous. He spoke or wrote for everyone who asked. It seemed he knew that the act of giving brought him deep…show more content…
His actions continuously define his essence. At the core, everything he says or does come from within. While he "gets" the contemporary type of success established by the American dream, he does not hesitate to pursue anything he desires. In fact, this characteristic generates a high level of admiration from most viewers. Because most people do not dare to follow their dreams, the viewers idolize his disproportionate audacity to face any challenge that lies in front of him. This trait clearly illustrated in the way he got his position in the advertising agency. In essence, he masterfully utilized the knowledge of Roger Sterling's drinking habits and alcohol tendency to erase memories. In other words, He simply worked around the capitalist system to get a favorable position for his personal gain. Of course, his actions do not resemble the behavior of a virtues man, but Don does not care what a decent man supposed to do. This attitude chose in the essence of all of his decisions. Consider, for instance, how he was ready to abandon his wife for and young 21-year-old woman, knowing that he would be leaving his kids in a broken family. At the same time, it does not seem that he did not love them. However, as true existentialist, he was acting according to what seems right for
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